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      Mobile/WhatsApp:0086 13722990009 Tel:0086 311 87820292

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        Shijiazhuang Huanpai Machine Co.,ltd lies in provincial capital Shijiazhuang of Hebei. Shijiazhuang historical culture is long,near Tianjin port,the traffic is convenient. Shijiazhuang Huanpai Machine Co.,ltd specialized in designing and producing several of complete sets of wheat flour milling equipment, low fat corn products processing equipment, grain & oil food processing equipment that suit for different requirements of domestic and foreign market.It is a enterprise mainly in Processing & Manufacturing .All of our products has passed the ISO9001 certification.The quality o... 【More】

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        All of the company's products have been certified by ISO9001. While guaranteeing the quality of the product, we can provide the most competitive price in the same industry.


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